We assist companies in defining and developing Augmented Reality usecases that improve their client engagement and help them establish a distinct corporate identity.
We at Equanimous Technologies combine our programming talents with AR and VR to create applications that meet worldwide standards, allowing you to rise above the competition.

Marker Based AR Solutions

A Marker Based AR solution is an Augmented Reality feature that allows you to scan actual markers and photos available in real life. Using Marker-Based Augmented Reality we can  augment 3D models, videos, animations, and audios on top of the image/marker. It can be a useful addition in the marketing efforts in a variety of business sectors, resulting in a better understanding for the customers.

It assists companies in increasing consumer interaction as well as creating immersive content for print and digital media. 

Plane Tracking AR Solutions

Plane Tracking AR is an augmented reality feature that tracks a surface area of the actual world and frames a 3D representation in the user’s environment. With the rise in online shopping and browsing, this augmented environment experience will assist consumers in making more informed purchasing selections.

This Plane Tracking AR system is capable of scanning the surface/plane and providing an augmented product visual enabling users to make a decision without any knowledge of the surface or surroundings. It mostly affects retail merchandise, real estate surroundings, and entertainment-related enterprises.

Path Finding AR Solutions

This will make it easier for users to discover destinations by following the animated, highlighted, and delineated routes. As a Virtual Guide, this Augmented Reality application is useful.

The AR Way Finding smartphone application makes it simple to navigate complex interior locations such as college campuses, corporate buildings, airports, shopping malls, and healthcare facilities. The technologies utilised to create this Augmented Reality solution allow users to travel in real time, effortlessly, and in a more engaging and participatory way both indoors and outdoors. Unlike other GPS systems, this one serves as a navigating companion who communicates with you.

Object Detection AR Solutions

Your consumers may enjoy a 360-degree augmented reality experience with the Object Detection Based Augmented Reality solution. Unlike monitoring and identifying photos and flat surfaces, this Augmented Reality application works with three-dimensional buildings and objects.

The objects are scanned to activate a 3D representation, animation, video, or audio that has been pre-programmed. Object detection-based AR applications are widely used to scan, identify, and learn about places and things in industries such as historical sites, electronic appliances, and industrial machines. 

Custom AR Apps

There are numerous other possibilites of creating other AR Apps. Didn’t find what you are looking to get built?

Contact us now and we will make it happen.