We assist companies in defining and developing Virtual Reality usecases that improve their client engagement and help them establish a distinct corporate identity.
We at Equanimous Technologies combine our programming talents with AR and VR to create applications that meet worldwide standards, allowing you to rise above the competition.

VR Apps for Learning

VR Apps can be used for interactive learning in academics.

Concepts which are 3 dimensional in nature can be learned immersively using VR Apps.  

VR Apps for Sports

VR Apps can be used for immersive practice in sports.

Techniques and drills can be practised immersively using VR Apps.  

VR Apps for Simulations

VR Apps can be used for simulation training of military missions and other adventure activities

Strength and Agility training for various endeavors can be simulated using VR simulations

Custom VR Apps

There are numerous other possibilites of creating other VR Apps and experiences. Didn’t find what you are looking to get built?

Contact us now and we will make it happen.